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Since turning 30 just last month, I have started having more questions about the different ways and approaches I can take to take better care of myself. One of the first thing I thought of immediately was anti-aging. Now that I’m in the 30s club, I know there is no going back and that taking care of my skin has become more important than ever before. I started doing some research to find the different way on how to take better care of my skin and I stumbled upon a new discovery of how important it is to wear sunscreen. Not just outdoor, but also indoor!

Ever since the COVID-19 breakout, I’ve been spending more time indoor by working from home which forces me to stare at my computer 8 hours a day. You may be thinking, if you’re home all day, why do you need to wear sunscreen? Many people may not know this, but we are constantly being exposed to a form of UV ray known as “blue light”! Which is why sitting in front my computer for 8 hours a day PLUS additional times on my phone or watching TV also contributes to the exposure of blue light. In order to understand what blue light is, we must also know the differences between UVA and UVB.